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To be eligible for the John Scotti ALL OUT you must respect the security and regulations of the Napierville Dragway race track.

Inscription fees are $ 00.00.

$4000.00 Purse

The rules applied are like the TV show “Pinks ALL OUT”.

1) The cars will have 1 trial run for the John Scotti ALL OUT before 2:00 pm.

2) The try outs will be done with the Pro Light system with the Christmas tree, meaning:
– the 3 yellow lights will lite up all at the same time.
– after 4/10 of a second the green light will go on.

3) After the session the officials will select:
– a group of 32 cars that are the most competitive, where by, their time will be as
close to each other.
– example: it could be a group of cars that could be running 10.50 to 11.20 or 11.80 to
12.30 or other time.
– it’s not necessarily the fastest cars that could or will be selected for the main event.

Prize (purse) breakdown:

The 16 finalist selected will all receive a souvenir plaque of the John Scotti ALL OUT.

Of the 16 finalists: 8 winners will receive $ 75.00 each
Of the 8 finalists: 4 winners will receive $100.00 each
Of the 4 finalists: 2 winners will receive $250.00 each

The Big Winner of the John Scotti ALL OUT will receive: $2,500.00.


1) During the trial runs, you must run your car to the fastest time that your vehicle can do, establish your qualifying time.

2) During the race of the 16 finalist, if you car runs under your qualifying time, you will be automatically eliminated and the other car will be declared the winner of the run.

3) Officials will be placed at 1000 feet and 1320 feet to observe if any Sandbagging (releasing the accelerator to slow down before the end of the 1/4 mile, and cheating on its time) is done.

4) The objective and goal is to have fun and have a great day.

If any participants do not respect the rules and conditions mentioned, they will be automatically eliminated.

East Coast Carz (ECC) and or John Scotti will not be held liable for the day of the event by participants or spectators for any damages or accident, injuries or losses arriving during the event.

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