East Coast Carz

East Coast Carz’s Racing car is a promotional (billboard) vehicle to promote and represent all Sponsors at drag racing events, car shows, fundraiser, car gatherings, special attractions and online visibility.

Our goal is to represent and maximize visibility for all our sponsors at major events, car shows, racing events, online and fundraisers.
For additional information contact us.

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Car Information

Model: Chevrolet Vega 1976
Engine : 383 stroker
Transmission: Power Glide

¼ mile best time: 9.52 seconds
1/8 of mile best time 5.94 seconds


Owner / Driver: Michel Malorni
Chief mechanic: George Christakis
Crew: Mario Malorni, Michel Letendre
Photographer: Raynald Belander - Video: Cynthia Slauenwhite


  • Testimonial

    Mike Malorni

    Founder of East Coast Carz

    "Passion - Speed - Respect"

    Owner and driver of East Coast Carz Vega

  • Testimonial

    MGR Performance

    Crew Chief

    "Sometimes the best way is the hard way"

    George Christakis  owner of MGR Performance and crew chief for East Coast Carz

  • Testimonial

    Mario Malorni

    "I come from a family of creative entrepreneurs"

    Crew Memeber